About Us

Wanting a completely custom-designed outdoor atmosphere? Hmmm, how about that interior living space you can entertain all of your friends and family? The team at Javelin Landscaping and Construction has been designing ultra-custom outdoor and indoor spaces with over 15 years of experience. Alex and Shannon come from a wide background of landscape and construction experience, from the lush Floridian climate to the hearty four seasons of Pittsburgh. Together, we create the ultimate landscaping and interior remodeling experience for your home for years to come.

Alex comes from a heavy industrial background, as well as many years of landscape design and construction experience. Alex holds an MBA with a certificate in sustainable business, as well as a Project Management Professional and Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional certification to pair with his extensive experience and out-of-the-box thinking. Normal is boring, and who wants to be boring? Alex can create a space that allows for ultimate user-friendly customization and sustainability. It’s all about the WOW factor. He will introduce audible and visual cues to your space allowing for complete immersion in your new outdoor place of leisure.

Shannon has been around landscaping and construction in Florida for a large portion of his life. Realizing he has a passion for customer service, presentation, and a completely satisfactory experience for his clients, Shannon turned to a slightly different method of construction – constructing world-class meals. Shannon has worked as an Executive Chef in Florida and NYC for one of the nation’s top restaurants. He fully believes in giving the customer the absolute best he can and refuses to settle for less.

Through a wild series of events, Alex and Shannon have joined forces to spearhead most any project. We are team Javelin.